Hey there!

He Provides is the place where kids and horses hang out with each other, play, love and ultimately heal each other.

He Provides connects horses and children to improve relationships and build a caring, nurturing environment for both.The animals rescued by He Provides benefit from the caring attention of children who have also suffered through life events beyond their control.

The relationship between equine and child is unique and healing in ways that aren't yet fully understood, but are completely visible right before your eyes!

The love of Jesus Christ is shown to families, children and horses who spend time at He Provides through action, never preached. We are a place to 'feel' natural experience, not 'hear' about it.

Opportunities to experience His love are made possible through volunteer and donation support. The animals have a comfortable home within our family thanks to the loving dedication of our staff, volunteers and contributors.


We're accepting donations to help bring children and horses together. Thanks for your generosity!

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.
~Arabian Proverb